Our Motel

Dragon Motel is surrounded by nature and history. Our lovely motel has a big garden with bird sounds, camping area by the sea-side and bungalow style houses. It is a privilege for our special guests to taste our tradition dishes cooked in our restaurant. You will be able to taste the dishes, cooked with only fresh and organic vegetables. We recommend you our special breakfast too. Our motel is on the seaside. When you reach to our long and wide beach it will surround you. You will feel yourself special when you swim in mediterranean with the beautiful view of Mamure Castle. It is possible to watch "caretta caretta" turtles, in danger of extinction, while they are laying eggs on the beach or when the baby turtles are hatching and going to the sea. Dragon Motel is being managed by a family. You feel yourself comfortable and safe like in your house. This unique holiday environment is waiting for our special guests at Dragon Motel. Welcome...


Anamur Hakkında

About Anamur

Anamur, a nature beauty ,is a blue and green mirth placed in the southernmost corner of Anatolia With its emerald green mountains covered with numerous flowers, streams and gleaming sea Anamur is like a piece of heaven. In almost everyone’s dream, there is a place they would like to live in for a life time, differs from person to person in detail. Some desires a village in the woods, some wishes for a desert island or a harbor village with a unique marvelous view. You feel the joy of discovering the “peace-land”, and all the life style you have dreamed of when you see Anamur. Briefly, Anamur welcomes us as an untouched treasure, where the traditions are preserved in this corrupted world...